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Procedure migration procedure (tongue)

  • Shorten long titles and convert to sentence case
  • Provide summary note
  • Provide Policies panel info, if needed
  • Check all headings for consistency
    • Heading 1 is reserved for page titles only (this is automatically built in)
    • Any other headings on the page should start at Heading 2
    • Make sure following headings don't disrupt logical hierarchy
  • Check lists, both numbered and bulleted
    • Correct wonky formatting
  • Break down walls of text
    • Add sections and headings if needed
    • If possible, convert long paragraphs of instructions into lists of steps 
    • Add any other structural elements you think helpful (tables, note macros, etc.)
    • Consult Documentation guidelines for further guidance
  • Add alt text to any image
    • Click image → properties → title → alt text
  • Check content owner & update as needed
  • Fill out page info table
  • Add labels
  • Mark page as complete on master spreadsheet

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Pages needing work

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Unmigrated pages

Series tracing and authority recordsMSU TechServicesJun 19, 2018
Serials: Serial cancellations (PLACEHOLDER)Tim KiserMay 17, 2018
Name authority records (PLACEHOLDER)MSU TechServicesApr 25, 2018
Serials: Moving payments (PLACEHOLDER)Tim KiserMar 30, 2018

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Current TSDG members

  • Autumn Faulkner, 2018 - 2019
  • Tim Kiser, 2018 - 2019
  • Emily Sanford, 2018 - 2019